Explore Our Silk Sleepwear Collections

Sleep is a form of art. To enjoy it and experience all of its wonders, you need the best materials possible. Discover the Sleepy Dee sleepwear collection that brings you years of creativity and fine materials like artisan silks and premium bamboo. 

Our whole nightwear collection is handcrafted and made by us. We know what we are giving our customers and how much time and innovation we invested in delivering the finer things your body and mind crave. 

Our studio designs and artworks have a fantastic appeal to them. They breathe luxury, comfort, and exclusiveness. What’s even better is that they aren’t reserved for the bed only, but you can wear them through the day when you are around your home or binging favorite TV shows.

Our collections are constantly updated with new arrivals. Make sure to check them before you make an order, so you don’t miss anything. Women in Australia often have a tough time falling asleep during the summer. Excessive temperatures can make laying in bed unbearable. 

Our products are made for Australia. We understand your needs and how tiresome it can sometimes be to fall asleep. With quality silk and a silky-smooth design, our sleepwear collection is light, ventilated, soft as feather. 

When you lie down, you will feel pure comfort. All of our products are breathable, lightweight, natural, and they travel well. This makes them ideal for more just than jumping into bed. 

What you wear makes a difference, and it matters to us. Even when you go to bed, you need to feel comfortable and enjoy the luxury you deserve. Sleepy Dee is at your disposal 24/7, so feel free to contact us at any time.