Night Dress for Women & Silk Nightdress

Night Dress for Women - Silk Nightdress

Shop the latest collection of silk nightdresses at Sleepy Dee. When you need a nightdress that rests softly against your skin and promotes a luxurious sleep, come to us. Our collection of organic nightwear is handcrafted in Brisbane. As members of the Australian Made Campaign, we specialise in providing boutique luxury sleepwear that comes with environmentally friendly certifications. If you're ready to delve into our world of opulent nightdresses for women, it's time to explore our collection.

Find a Silk Nightdress to Fall in Love With

Have you fallen in love with your sleepwear yet? If not, you need to step into a  silk nightdress from the Sleepy Dee range. Featuring materials such as 100% sustainable pure mulberry silk, each nightdress in our range helps you get more from the hours you spend sleeping. 

As a material that helps to lock in moisture, silk can work wonders for your skin. Thanks to its gentle nature, it's ideal for easing you into a restful state and keeping you cool during the hot summer months.

Add a Bamboo Nightdress to Your Wardrobe

When you add a bamboo nightdress to your sleepwear wardrobe, you're devoting yourself to a luxurious nightwear experience. Each of our designs is clean-cut and modern. With a range of sizes for you to choose from, we help women throughout Australia embrace their physique using high-quality fabrics. 

When you wear a bamboo nightdress that's handcrafted by our team, you can immerse yourself into an evening experience like no other. Featuring undeniable sophistication, our nightwear and accessories collection is ideal for when you want to treat yourself.

By shopping for your nightdress at Sleepy Dee, you're investing in a product that's handmade here in Australia. With our speedy shipping times, you won't need to wait long for your item to arrive. If you have questions about our range, contact us now.