Women's Pyjama Pants

Treat your legs with a fabric they deserve to feel. At Sleepy Dee, we make women's pyjama pants using soft organic bamboo and there's guaranteed to be something in our pyjama pants range you'll love.

Bamboo pyjama pants for a comfy sleeping experience

As an antibacterial material that promotes moisture-wicking, bamboo makes for the ultimate sleep experience. Our women's pyjama pants in bamboo act as excellent insulators. They'll keep you cool during the summer and they'll make sure you feel snuggly during the winter. With a range of enticing designs available, you're on your way to enjoying a sleep experience like no other.

If you want to make your sleep extra comfy, try some of our silk sleep accessories. By wearing a silk eye mask, you'll guard yourself against wrinkles and enjoy a better night's sleep. With our hair scarves, you can reduce frizz and make the most of your luscious locks.

Women's pyjama pants you can adore

With our sustainable organic bamboo, you'll sleep easy knowing that your fashion choices benefit the environment. Our products are handcrafted in Brisbane, but we ship them throughout Australia. Whether you're looking for a pair of shorts or something longer, you'll benefit from our love for high-quality sleepwear.

If you're pregnant, dive into our range of maternity pants. During your pregnancy, you may find that your body temperature rises slightly. Our bamboo maternity pants are super-breathable, plus they help your skin stay moisturised. As a soft and luxurious fabric, bamboo is ideal for shrouding your bump in comfort.

To complete your sleepwear outfit, explore our range of tops. We offer a selection of opulent colours and styles, so you can get more from your nighttime wardrobe.

If you love our environmentally-friendly approach to nightwear, but you have questions, contact us. We have thousands of happy customers throughout Australia, and we hope you can join them.