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Women's Sleepwear & Silk Sleepwear Australia

If you are looking to find your best sleep accessories, explore our women’s sleepwear. We offer you a wide range of luxury sleepwear ranging from robes, nighties, pajamas, and others. Move aside that old pyjama set and say hello to some new pants, shorts, tanks, and pajama tops that you can combine and match any way you like it. 

At Sleepy Dee, you can find all the women’s sleepwear you always dreamed of. Discover some of the softest silk sleepwear that will help you fall asleep instantly and feel like you’re lying on a silky cloud. No matter where you are in Australia, we will deliver your order within a couple of days. 

Start with a full pyjama set or a nightdress. If you don’t want to feel hot or sweaty while sleeping, this is a must. Find a perfect pairing with your color of choice and start your blissful sleep cycle today. At Sleepy Dee, you can find various items specifically designed for different needs.

If you are expecting, we have a lot of maternity products to make your nights more comfortable. If you love to take a nice warm bath before sleep and jump straight into bed, we have many different robes for you to choose from. 

For those hot Australian nights, look at our wide range of shorts and pillowcases that will keep your body and head cool during the whole night. Luxurious materials do not only give maximum comfort, but they also allow your skin to breathe while sleeping. 

Or, if you like to spend the entire Sunday enjoying the comforts of your home, and spend a nice evening, we can offer you a plethora of jumpsuits. Take some ‘me time’ for once and fall asleep in front of the TV, we won’t tell. 

Get in touch and tell us what you need. You won’t be disappointed at all.