Sleep Accessories

Shop the latest collection of sleep accessories from Sleepy Dee’s range. At Sleepy Dee, our boutique sustainable sleepwear brand is here to help you get more from your hours of slumber. We provide opulent sleep accessories, handcrafted in Brisbane that are environmentally friendly. Whether you're looking for a silk pillowcase or a silk scrunchie, we have something in our range for you.

Sleep Pillowcases for a Gentler Sleep

You spend one-third of your life sleeping, so it makes sense to get more from those precious hours. With a silk pillowcase from the Sleepy Dee range, you're giving your skin and hair the protection they deserve.

Unlike other materials, silk is exceedingly kind to your skin. Its hypoallergenic nature promotes a comfier sleep throughout each season. Additionally, it promotes moisture retention, limits the bacterial growth that causes spots, and reduces the presence of wrinkles. When you cherish an intricate skincare routine, using a silk pillowcase will work to your advantage.

Silk Sleep Accessories with Beautiful Benefits

When you don't want the light to disturb your sleep, try one of our silk eye masks. In addition to keeping the light out, a silk eye mask from the Sleepy Dee range will protect the gentle skin surrounding your eyes.

When your hair is important to you, you'll do anything you can to protect your lustrous locks. With a silk scarf for your hair, you can tie your hair up at night and protect it against frizz. Silk hair scarves are especially useful when your hair is curly, and you want to lock the natural shape of your curls in. Similarly, our silk scrunchies are gentle and ideal for reducing the risk of split ends.

At Sleepy Dee, we're proud of our silk sleep accessories and nightdresses. If you have questions about our range, contact us now.